Built in the eighteenth century, the “Parasget” owes its name to the size and particular architecture which, for the Mallarese population of the past, made it similar to a small palace, in the local dialect “parasgèt”. It rises in the heart of the town, in the historic centre, it was built at the behest of noble families of the time and, over the years, it became the property of the Musso Piantelli family who have maintained ownership up to the present day.
The “parasget” has not always had a residential function, in fact, throughout history, the Napoleonic troops used it as a base camp and, during the Second World War, it was “invaded” by German soldiers who made it their local headquarters. After the war, for some years, it was the seat of the elementary schools of Mallare.
Taken over by three young entrepreneurs who love the area and believe in its potential, it has been finely restored, bringing to light the elegance of the building.
Located in the greenery and tranquility of the Ligurian hinterland, the “Parasgèt” is the ideal refuge for those seeking a bit of relaxation, including walks in the countryside, mountain bike tours and other outdoor activities, without forgetting the excellent local gastronomy. In its position, it is an excellent point of reference for those who want to discover the area, relaxing after a day among the rows of Alba and the nearby Langhe, among wine, truffles and excellent food; or after an excursion on the Maritime Alps, a day at the beach or after the Movida on the coast.

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